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Strategic Business Solutions

Companies find the ever changing landscape in which they operate both highly charged, constantly changing and challenging. This is a global trend. There is a constant need to gain efficient value from business systems. Information Technology (IT) systems form a critical part of a company’s IT strategy which is underpinned by the business strategy.

At e-Novate Solutions we are constantly looking for innovative approaches to solutions. We understand and have experience with the the business process landscape and the dynamics of streamlining processes.

We provide business process engineering and refinement while assisting you in operating with precise, seamless and cost-refined integration across a full spectrum of business practices.

These typically include business-to-business transactions, facilitating the communication of financial information and reporting, accessing complex databases and sustaining a meaningful customer service environment. For businesses where inventory is part of the core operation, we assist in increasing inventory-handling accuracy with the very latest in warehouse management, including order management, procurement, stocking, replenishment, picking and related activities.

Choosing the right solution team to provide and support your business system is critical to the success of your project or solution. There are significant advantages in having e-Novate Solutions on your side due to the e-Novate Value Chain, especially if you’re a company that consistently strives for efficiency and competitive advantage.

Sage ERP X3

Thanks to its intuitive user-friendly interface, embedded Business Intelligence and integrated CRM functionality, Sage ERP X3 provides a rich user experience that enhances collaboration and increases business insight, whilst reducing the costs and complexities of integrating operations across multiple territories. Sage ERP X3 is fully customisable and easy to configure, with a range of multi-platform desktop client and/or web-based deployment combinations. Based on the Microsoft SQL server database, Sage ERP X3 offers outstanding scalability and performance.

  • Discrete/process manufacturing
  • Composition/formula management
  • Work schedule management
  • Technical data configuration
  • Link to weighing scales
  • Cost calculation
  • Quality assurance
  • Capacity planning
Sage ERP 300 (Accpac)

Sage ERP 300 (Accpac) is an end-to-end, highly functional mid-market business software solution that addresses a wide variety of general and vertical / specialist requirements. This includes a financial suite, an operational suite, POS, service management, manufacturing, business intelligence, distribution, warehouse management and EDI. The product is built on a multi-tiered architecture offering robustness, flexible customisation as well as a choice of operating systems, databases and user interfaces.

  • World class Architecture
  • Ultimate Scalability
  • Completely Web-Based
  • Easy to Use and Customise
  • Total Investment Protection
  • Industry-Specific Solutions
Sage CRM

Sage CRM is an entirely web deployed CRM application offering best practice marketing, sales and customer care capabilities. It is fully integrated with Sage ERP X3 and Sage ERP 300 (Accpac), providing customers with a 360° view of their business. At the heart of the software is a rules-based workflow engine that enables automation of virtually any business process throughout an organisation not just in the sales and marketing areas. It is highly configurable and customisable, scalable, easy to use, fast to deploy and can be installed on-premise or subscribed to as a service.

  • Accelerate Sales
  • Target Prospects
  • Satisfy Customers
  • Capture Leads
  • Business Integration
  • Ease of Use
  • Fast Flexible Deployment
  • Easy to Customise
  • Completely Web-Based
Custom Solutions

We develop applications and interfaces that are specific to the business end users requirements. We keep to strict development cycles to assure that we meet expectations and guarantee delivery of services.

  • Healthcare
  • Projects and Timesheets
  • Contract Management
  • Sales Management
  • Inventory Control

Immediate benefits made available to your Business

International software and solutions with a strong local footprint
Highly skilled and experienced consultants
A proven track record and methodology
Client Care Centre offering telephonic and remote support

Offering Comprehensive Products & Solutions

Performance Improvement

e-Novate Solutions offers clients an on-going appraisal service with a view to improving performance across the business. Refining and optimising your business systems is  also core to our solutions value. This ensures that your business derives optimal value from your investment. Offering scalable Business Intelligence solutions allows for data modeling with a view of your data and KPI's which assist in improving core business objectives.

IT Risk & Advisory Solutions
Risk and Advisory is a specialist service we offer clients seeking that 'CIO' function on a part time basis. Our industry partners and associates have extensive experience in offering this level of strategic advice and analysis. Managing risk in business and organisations is at the core of good governance. IT governance is part of the mainstream of business strategy today and is highlighted in the King III report.
Total Solutions
Solutions follow a tried and tested pathway or methodology. We engage with clients and set about understanding the business need or problem statement. Understanding the referential architecture of the current environment is a critical success factor with a new solution. We may put forward a 'disruptive' or an 'outside' view on some aspects of the need.  Designing and prototyping a solution for acceptance by the client before deploying is a critical step in the process. Deployment of the designed and tested solution is thoroughly planned and executed with a service management engagement following the implementation.