Call for Support: +27 (21) 914 4471

How can we help?

The Service desk will manage the client support process and will provide first level organisation and liaison services to the Client. The Service Desk will be responsible for the delivery of all support services and will provide two types of customer support during the following periods:

Standard Support period: 08h30 - 17h00

Emergency Support period: 17h00 – 08h30 (Only on pre-arrangement)

Principal Contact Position: E-Novate Solutions Service Desk Support Team

Contact Tel number: +27 (21) 914 4471

Email address:

Frequently Asked Questions

Do i need to have a Service Level Agreement to get access to the Service Desk?

Yes you do.

How do i log an issue or request with the Service Desk?

SLA Clients can send an email to or contact the Service Desk on +27 (21) 914 4471. Non SLA clients are requested to please send an email to

What is the turnaround period for resolving issues logged with the Service Desk?

SLA clients receive priority above all Non SLA cases logged.

Do you have different rates for after hours support?

Yes we do.

What type of support do we offer?
We offer Telephonic and Remote support.